• 川木腰椎康复仪(KP201307)
  • Cervical Vertebra Therapeutic Instrument(KP200209)
  • 川木腰椎治疗仪(KP200310)
  • Chuanmu lumbar vertebra rehabilitation instrument(KP201307)
  • Cervical Vertebra Therapeutic Instrument(KP200108)
  • Cervical Vertebra Therapeutic Instrument (KP200310)
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Chuanmu series products were launched in 1996. Guangzhou Kepeng Electronics Co., Ltd., is a company specializing in the research, development and production of new domestic medical devices and modern healthcare products. Upholding the tenet of “giving priority to talents and scientific researches”, the company has employed several domestic famous medical experts and experienced technical engineers to provide professional and technical guidance. The company has successively won several national patents, and been rated as “National Quality Stable and Qualified Product” by National Quality Inspection Commission. The company passed ISO13485 and ISO9001 international quality management system certifications in 2006.

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