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About Us

Development History of Kepeng

       1、China’s first cervical vertebra therapeutic instrument

       The reform and opening-up policy has promoted a large number of intellectuals, and even some party members and cadres devoted to the market economy. In 1996, Mr. Zhou Kepeng, former director of Aircraft Manufacturing Department of Northwestern Polytechnical University (NWPU) and director of Talent Exchange Center of NWPU, came to Guangzhou to started his business by the patented cervical vertebra therapeutic instrument invented by himself. Mr. Zhou, upholding the tenets to benefit the society, committed to promoting the physiotherapy on cervical spondylosis, and filled the blank of domestic cervical physiotherapy in China.

       2、 Startup

       Guangzhou Kepeng Electronics Co., Ltd., founded in 1996, is located at the foot of Baiyun Mountain which has spectacular landscape. Mr. Zhou experienced extremely tough conditions during the startup period. He led several technicians to start the business from a small factory which produced its first batch of cervical vertebra therapeutic instruments with fastest speed and best quality by virtue of its tenet to serve the public, advanced technology, joint efforts of all staff and round-the-clock hard work. There were 10,000 pieces of the products in the first batch, and all products were sold out in less than two months. The good sale performance indicated the huge demand of China’s cervical spondylosis patients and their recognition of the products, and further boosted its staff’s confidence. Its staff devoted themselves to the production, research and development with more passion. The company has gradually developed into a modern factory covering an area of more than 1,000 sqm from a small workshop, with better technology and quality, and more patented technologies. The company has won National Quality Stable and Qualified Product” certificate issued by Electrical and Electronic Commission under China Association for Quality Inspection, and “AAA Quality and Credit Enterprise” certificate issued by China Quality Credit Evaluation Center. In 2006, the company obtained ISO13485:2003 and ISO9001:2000 quality management system certifications. The company has always followed ISO13485 international standard in terms of production quality, and creatively adopted international advanced technologies to produce a series of products, such as Chuanmu cervical (lumbar) vertebra therapeutic instrument, Zehom updated cervical (lumbar) vertebra therapeutic instrument, multifunctional therapy belt, and foot massager.

       3、 Development

       (a) Great things may be done by mass effort.

       It is a pioneer science and technology enterprise, and attaches great importance to science and technology innovation and development. Upholding the tenet of “giving priority to talents and scientific researches”, the company considers the patients’ demands in production research, development, design and clinical application, and always adheres to the principles of “high theoretical standards, experience-oriented design and practice-based clinic”. It combines clinical practices with scientific researches, and closely follows up users. The company’s domestic medical instruments have been publicized on many media, such as CCTV, various provincial or municipal satellite TV stations, and media outlets. Especially, its patented products, i.e. Zehom Cervical Vertebra Therapeutic Instrument and Chuanmu Lumbar Vertebra Therapeutic Instrument, have won praise and recognition of medical experts. Its products are sold in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, and popular among consumers.

        (b)Expand market to realize rapid development

       The company adopts exclusive agent system, and maintains good market performance in the downturn of medical instrument market by its product quality and technology advantages. It promotes the development of domestic medical instrument market in China, and realizes rapid growth in sales, with its products sold well in cities across the country. In order to meet market demands, the company introduces two advanced production lines, with its quality and efficiency moving to a higher level. The advancement and practicability of its products have attracted high attention from all sectors of society, and been popular among some large listed companies. After careful review and selection, the company established cooperation with Acorn International, a company listed in USA, in 2004, making the products serve more patients and enter broader consumer market.

       (c) Adopt advanced technology and modern management

       In order to adapt to the market internationalization and strengthen the competitiveness of the company's products in the international market, the company further expands its production scale, and adopts international standards in the whole process from the purchase of electronic components to production. In addition, it implements strict quality management in order to enter overseas market and meet product requirements of developed countries. The company attaches more importance to technical innovation, and introduces high technicians to build up technology research and development team. It upholds people-oriented policy. In order to improve its employees’ professional quality, it has hired talents from colleges and universities in China, and invited industrial experts and scholars to deliver lectures in the company on a regular basis. The professional and technical personnel with college degree and above account for 90% of all employees. With the development of internationalization and integrated operation, the company adopts network-based management, and develops “Kepeng” into a professional company integrating research, development and production of domestic medical instruments, and a modern enterprise with brand advantage.